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Our Services

  • Professional assistance

    11 Perfect offers professional and legal assistance in order to make the best decisions for your career. This service is addressed for football players and for football clubs.

  • Entrepreneurship services

    For a successful career, you need the best chances to practice the sport you love in order to become the best. This service is addressed for football players, coaches and public persons from the football clubs.

  • Player Transfers

    Together we decide the next step in your career! Our professional assistance and your talent can create amazing results in the football world!

  • Image and Sponsors

    Your image is very important and 11 Perfect will bring you the best offers and sponsors in order to build a strong career.

  • Professionalism and focus

    We know that excellent results hide many trainings and a lot of focus from yourself. We can help you to fulfill your dream!

  • Scrimmage and cantonments

    11 Perfect helps you to organize and find professional cantonments and scrimmages.


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